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Looking for a new challenge in Team Empolis?

No one has to make the wrong decisions anymore!

This is our vision and a very ambitious goal.


To achieve it, we need one thing above all: motivated Emponauts who enjoy what they do - who share our vision and want to work with us to achieve it. We all pull together and look forward to the challenges ahead. We are actively shaping our future with colleagues who inspire each other and think outside the box to turn an idea or strategy into reality.


According to the magazine Computerwoche, we are one of the 5 most popular IT employers in Germany. Kununu ranked us as Top Company in 2022, 2023 and 2024.


Feel free to explore our careers page and contact our HR team if you have any questions!



"The Scrum methodology enables us to deliver world-class work and foster a remote working culture that strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and productivity. Equipped with a state-of-the-art work environment, I feel inspired every day to contribute to our goal-oriented mission. The icing on the cake: working with the most supportive colleagues I have ever had. Empolis is the epitome of a thriving modern employer!"


Junior Software Developer






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What you can look forward to

Work-life balance

Are you a late riser (left) or an early riser (right)?

It doesn't matter - everyone will be happy with us!


Our flexitime model (without core working hours) gives you maximum flexibility in your working hours.



Enjoy the weekly office day with great Emponauts. Flexi team days and up to 4 days per week of mobile working - this is the ideal way to reconcile work and private life.

Sabbatical & Workation

Sabbatical: You want to take a longer professional break to recharge your batteries? To travel the world? Or to use the time with family & friends?  Then a sabbatical is the right thing for you.


Workation: Laptop on your lap and feet in the sand! Work + Vaction is possible with us in other EU countries.


Come back with new strength and fresh ideas!


Lease your new bike at a discount through Empolis. No matter if mountain bike or e-bike, we are sure: everybody will find his dream bike.

Choose your own device

If you develop software on the pulse of time, you also need the latest hardware. Choose your notebook from our modern hardware packages.

We make sure you're well taken care of

Vitamin kick or sugar shock - it's up to you.

True to the motto "Everything the <3 desires", a large selection of fruit, sweets as well as hot and cold drinks are available almost without limits. You can also save money on your lunch on office days with our discounts.


Employee discount portal

Profit from great discounts and store at special conditions. No matter if furniture, tools, clothes, vacations or cars - here you can save a lot of money.


Perfect entry

So that you can quickly get started in the team, you will go through our onboarding process, which is ideally suited to you. During this process, you will get to know many Emponauts and be optimally prepared for your new job. In addition to your manager and HR, your buddy will also be there to give you advice and support. One of the highlights of our onboarding: the Welcome Days in Kaiserslautern.

Career development

If you want to achieve a lot and convince with your skills, then many career opportunities are possible at Empolis.

The best of both worlds

Start up flair, being on a first-name basis and agility meet professionalism, AI pioneer, booming products for big name customers.


Team spirit is fostered through many employee events (summer party, Christmas celebration, team events) and cross-location communication.


It is not without reason that we are one of the top 5 most popular IT employers in Germany. The best colleagues are waiting for you!

What else?

30 days vacation & special leave


Company pension plan & capital-forming benefits


Parking spaces are free of charge and (almost always) available in sufficient numbers.


To help you relax during breaks and have some fun with your team, we have recreation rooms with table football, a couch and a dartboard!

Angenehmes Gespräch
Es gibt hier eigentlich nicht viel zu sagen. Das Bewerbungsgespräch war angenehm. Mir hat sehr gefallen, dass wir uns auch über fachliche Themen unterhalten haben und ich Ratschläge mitnehmen konnte.
Applicant feedback from June 20, 2024
Sehr gut!
Die Atmosphäre war sehr angenehm. Fragen wurden gut und ausführlich beantwortet und das weitere Vorgehen wurde offen und gut verständlich kommuniziert. Insgesamt eine gute Gesprächserfahrung.
Applicant feedback from May 30, 2024
Nice, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere
I had a real nice chat with the interviewer, so we even forgot the time which is probably why the constructive feedback at the end was not fitting anymore. Overall, I was more than happy with the talk. It really helped me to understand the tasks of the position better.
Applicant feedback from May 22, 2024
Klasse Gesprächspartner
Sehr lockeres und entspanntes Gespräch.
Applicant feedback from March 1, 2024
My feedback
The criteria are mentioned above.
Applicant feedback from February 2, 2024
Sehr angenehmes 1. Gespräch
Sehr angenehmes Gegenüber. Hat sich nicht angefühlt wie ein Bewerbungsgespräch sondern ein richtiges Kennenlernen. Interessante Einblicke über die Tätigkeit, das Team und Möglichkeiten im Unternehmen. Freue mich schon sehr auf den weiteren Prozess!
Applicant feedback from January 11, 2024
Angenehmes freundliches Gespräch
Zu aller erst wurde ganz zwanglos das "Du" angeboten und dann ging es ungefähr eine Stunde vor allem um die Motivation und Kenntnisse, aber auch den Vorgang und das Unternehmen. Wirklich verbessern lässt sich so eine entspannte Atmosphäre kaum.
Applicant feedback from December 12, 2023
Sehr zufriedenstellender Ablauf der Bewerbung
- der Ablauf der Bewerbung bis hin zum 1.Gespeäch verlief sehr angenehm und zufriedenstellend - beim Gespräch selber war die Atmosphäre sehr angenehm und professionell
Applicant feedback from November 28, 2023
pleasant experience
The interview was conducted by friendly and knowledgeable interviewers and was overall a very pleasant experience.
Applicant feedback from October 20, 2023
Potenzielle Übernahme als Student
Sehr angenehmes Gespräch (ca. 1h). Fragen wurden zur Motivation für das Unternehmen weiterhin arbeiten zu wollen, zur Übereinstimmung der persönlichen Ziele mit der Strategie/ Ausrichtung sowie zur eigenen Meinung hinsichtlich von zukünftigen Entwicklungen innerhalb der Branche gestellt. Eigene Ausführungen wurden geduldig aufgenommen und nicht unterbrochen.
Applicant feedback from September 13, 2023
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Is Empolis on a first-name basis?

Yes, everyone at Empolis is on first name terms - regardless of hierarchical level. This allows relaxed and informal communication. So don't be surprised, we are already on first name terms during the application process.

What is the dress code at Empolis?

There is no dress code at Empolis, but the general rule is: "No tie!" .Of course, we are happy if you occasionally wear the Empolis hoodie that everyone receives as a gift on their first day of work.

What is your hybrid model like?

With our hybrid model, we want to offer the Emponauts great flexibility, but at the same time we don't want to lose sight of interpersonal contact. Therefore, there is a weekly office day at each location. On this day, all emponauts meet to work in the office. Many teams also have an additional voluntary team day, which is used for creative and conceptual work, among other things.

How is the application process structured?

Your application will be reviewed by HR and the relevant department. This can take approx. 5-7 working days. If your documents are convincing, we will invite you to an initial online meeting with representatives of the specialist department. If it is a good match for both sides, then we come to the (often) last step in our standard process: the personal meeting on site. A team member from HR and our managing director Andreas will also take part in this meeting.

Do I need a cover letter? 

No, a cover letter is not mandatory. However, we receive a lot of applications and a letter that highlights your skills and motivation is a good chance to stand out from other applications. It is not possible to find out whether you have the required qualifications for the advertised position just by looking at your previous employers.

Do I have to be able to speak German?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question with a yes or no, because at Empolis this depends on the position or the team. In many teams, meetings are still held in German, so it would be important to bring along a certain understanding of the language (preferably level B1). However, we are trying to become more international over time, so the language should soon no longer be an obstacle.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Our HR team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your application. Just ring +49 (631) 68037 - 331 - we look forward to your call!

Would you like to learn more about Empolis?

Find out about our culture, locations, professions and Emponauts here: